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Testimonials from Ian Williams Trainee Surveyors

Naiomi Ford

I joined Ian Williams in 2013 following the completion of my BSc in Project & Construction Management.I am currently 18 months into my Trainee Surveyor programme. I find my work at Ian Williams challenging but also exciting. Working as a Trainee Surveyor, I can develop business awareness in a structured commercial environment. The role of the Trainee Surveyor allows me autonomy yet supports me when I need it. I am experiencing a wide a range of contracts, dealing with direct labour as well as subcontractors and gaining a sound understanding of the first principles of surveying. I look forward to completing my training and becoming a recognised surveyor with Ian Williams. I would recommend the Trainee Surveyor Programme for someone who is looking for a challenging and fulfilling career.

Tausif Pervez

Many opportunities have risen in the past two and a half years of my career as a Trainee Surveyor within Ian Williams. This role has offered me some great experiences and development opportunities. I have had the chance to work with a broad range of contracts and clients with various personalities and challenging cost models. Not only this, but I have made some great friends within our organisation which has been a further support for me to develop as an industry professional as well as an individualI have had great involvement in mobilising Ian Williams Anchor Trust contract and setting up our brand new Business Unit in Manchester. This has been a challenging yet satisfying experience as I was heavily involved with procuring an approved subcontract chain to help deliver these works in a cost effective manner ensuring an extremely high standard of quality for our valued clientThe Trainee Surveyor role has provided me with the flexibility to work on a range of contracts to gain a broad variety of valuable experiences which will remain with me as I develop throughout my career. A key contract I wanted to work on was a planned contract for Dudley Council. I was given this opportunity which allowed me to work on large planned works which opened up a whole new spectrum into surveying allowing me to develop my surveying skills even further. E.g. Measuring, pricing, offering price works to Operatives to maximise margin, labour management and leadership skillsThe Trainee Surveyor role has offered me some great development prospects in key Surveying skills. I have had numerous opportunities to develop my technical on site knowledge, measuring works and pricing up jobs or tenders and offering the client cost efficiencies. All of which has further increased my confidence and competence in my job roleIan Williams offers great career prospects, having spoken with many colleagues who have worked their way up from a Trainee Surveyor position into Management is very satisfying. It is good to know I work for a company which values hard work and dedication and supports its employees to achieve their ambitions.

Gurjeet Sandhu

I started at Ian Williams on their Trainee Surveyor Program which was perfect for me as I was fresh from university but had little practical experience. From day one I was made welcome by everyone at Ian Williams and it was clear the program was geared to help me learn and develop within the business. The trainee program was great as it gave me a clear development path to follow. I was offered great support from my mentor and peers so always had people I could ask for advice and help. It allowed me to track my development and look into areas I wanted to improve. The program is perfect for someone who is new to the business as it really allows you to learn with on the job experiences. You’re encouraged to always ask questions and learn not only from within an office environment but also with on-site experiences, which really allows you to understand fully what we do as a business. I feel the trainee surveyor program has given me all the support I’ve needed and continually pushes me to learn new skills. The great thing about working within Ian Williams is that you feel part of a team. You really feel you can speak to anyone within the business, whether that be your fellow surveyors, your general managers or even the managing director.

Clinton Brewer

The Ian Williams Ltd Trainee Surveyor Programme appealed to me because from day one it offered a fast paced environment, exposure to the Surveyor role and the opportunity to contribute to the success of the company; and it hasn’t stopped there. During my first 18 months I have been involved with various major contracts, I have independently managed my own contracts, and I am now tendering to win work. All whilst building solid relationships with clients, suppliers and subcontractors. I have also undertaken a secondment to another business unit. This allowed me to apply my knowledge and skills in a new environment whilst meeting new colleagues and experiencing how another unit operates.Although the Trainee Surveyor Programme is structured nationally, there is great emphasis on autonomy. This method allows progress within the programme to be set by the individual, all the while being closely supported by the local business unit. I have found this particularly beneficial, as not only has it allowed me to learn from the wealth of experience within my unit, it has enabled me to ‘swap notes’ with the other Trainee Surveyors and thus consolidate my own methods of practice. Furthermore, this autonomy means I am always working within a challenging, yet supported, environment; an environment that Ian Williams is committed to maintain. Prior to starting the Trainee Surveyor Programme I had no experience of the Quantity Surveyor role, however since day one my knowledge has continued to grow exponentially. Local unit practice has improved my knowledge of Quantity Surveying (building, estimating, methods of procurement, surveying, labour management, valuating works), and companywide training has given me an insight in to commercial management, and its effect both locally and nationally. I feel that including the ‘bigger picture’ within the training programme demonstrates the success of the Trainee Surveyor Programme.Finally, Ian Williams Ltd as a company appealed to me primarily because it supports career progression and has a strong track record of promoting from within; the current Managing Director started as a Trainee Surveyor! I wanted to a join an organisation that matched my motivation to succeed and with Ian Williams Ltd I am confident that I will be given the tools, training and opportunities to achieve my potential.

Testimonials from Surveyors

Jonathan Coombs

I first heard of Ian Williams’ trainee surveyor scheme as a 22 year old who had not long finished university. It was an opportunity that seemed too good for me to turn down. I applied for the job and I was fortunate enough to be the most suited candidate for the role…since this, I haven’t looked back.

I started my career as a quiet(ish) trainee who had no idea on how the industry worked and what was involved. It did not take long for me to get to grips with how a successful business survives in a competitive industry.

After training for just under 3 years, I feel Ian Williams have equipped me with what I need to be a successful surveyor. The training process on the whole was enjoyable, it was challenging on times but it was well worth it.
It was clear early on that the business were willing to support me and invest time in me but this would only happen if I was willing to put the time and effort in myself.

Over the 3 years training, I did not just learn how a painting business works and how to become a surveyor. I feel the trainee surveyor scheme has developed my character and personality. I am a much more confident and stronger person now than I was 3 years ago. I have become wiser and feel more equipped to deal with difficult and stressful situations.

I am fortunate that Ian Williams gave me the chance to learn and develop with them. It has been a great experience so far and I have learned many lessons that will stay with me throughout my career with the business. I would definitely recommend the scheme to anybody hungry to learn, develop and is looking for a challenging and rewarding career.

Testimonials from Ian Williams Business Managers

Stephen Lenahan

I joined Ian Williams Ltd as a Trainee Surveyor as my first (and only) career driven job and I honestly didn’t really know what to expect. I quickly learned that the industry I’d gotten myself into was exciting, fast paced never leaving me short of things to do. This fitted me perfectly as Ian Williams continuously gave me the opportunities and exposed me to a variety of work to develop my experience.Throughout 3 years of training it was tough learning a new industry and new skills, however I was never without the guidance and support I needed. As I developed through the training scheme I was allowed more freedom to make my own decisions while being guided by the experience and expertise around me.After the 3 year scheme the learning continued, with laws/legislation and an industry that never stands still, continuing to be exposed to lots of work and having the desire to succeed and be the best worked well.As the company changed and opportunities arose my manager was given an opportunity to progress within Ian Williams which presented me with the exciting new challenge of filling his role and moving up the ladder. As with the trainee programme I was given excellent support to learn the new skills required for a Management role. The company has grown from strength to strength over the years and I can already see further opportunities not only for myself but for those people coming through the business today. I am now a key person in recruiting and developing young individuals through the same scheme.

Testimonials from Ian Williams General Managers

Philip Jones

After my ‘A’ Levels, I applied for two trainee schemes; one with Ian Williams and one with a utility company. To my surprise I was offered both and 26 years later I am very pleased with the choice I made! From the very beginning I was thrown into a busy office and given real work which made tangible difference to the bottom line of the office. Very quickly I was introduced to the people actually delivering the work and involved in the cut and thrust of negotiating productivity targets with a group of very experienced and skilled craftsmen. It was clear that the culture of the business was challenging but supportive because I was soon given a lot of responsibility both in terms of the finance and in terms of representing the company and I was supported at every turn. The office I was based in undertook a huge range of work and over the years as a surveyor I had the opportunity to work on listed buildings such as Cardiff’s National Museum, historic structures such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge, fascinating industrial plants such as steelworks, power stations, oil and chemical refineries, manufacturing facilities, lighthouses (including in Gibraltar), MOD sites, Healthcare estates etc. etc. Within a few years I was operating independently as a surveyor and over time I was presented with significant new and challenging opportunities to develop my management skills. This led to me taking on responsibility for the business unit as a whole and being responsible for developing the next generations of trainees. Again in this role, I was challenged and stretched with support (including attending a programme at the prestigious Cranfield University) and within a few years I was offered the position of General Manager with responsibility for three business units. I learned in my early years that I really enjoyed working with people and the roles I have undertaken have given me countless opportunities to meet and work with a fascinating range of characters. Over time I have realised that the two most enjoyable aspects of this career are the fact that your results are very easily measured, making internal competition intense and compelling, and that as you progress through your career you get huge opportunities to develop the people beneath you. If you are talented enough to reach a senior management position you have the opportunity to shape the teams that report to you and, often, promote the people you have recruited and trained.