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Looking after buildings – Looking after our future

Ian Williams is committed to dealing fairly with all our stakeholders. These include customers, business partners, employees and local communities. Remaining profitable ensures our continuing viability – but this is only possible if we deliver value to all our stakeholders in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way.



Social Value

The Public Services (Social Value Act) was passed at the end of February 2012.

Social value is about maximising the impact of public expenditure. It looks at what is created, and sometimes what is forsaken, through a commissioning process. It is therefore also about what we value in the public realm. Social value considers more than just the financial transaction. It includes: Happiness Wellbeing Health Inclusion Empowerment. These types of value often accrue to different people, communities or organisations and are not always easy to measure. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be part of a commissioning process.

For more information on the Social Value Act,

Social Value

Delivering Social Value

Ian Williams believes our service is enriched by the contribution and participation of people who have found it difficult to find work or training. We always aim to provide employment opportunities for long term job seekers and apprenticeship training. We directly employ the majority of our workforce and due to our success, we must recruit new employees from within the local communities in which we work. We also have a culture of promoting opportunities for development internally which means that we must seek new employees as our people progress to more senior roles. We successfully recruit over 15 apprentices each year and many have progressed to managerial roles within 10 years.

We work with clients during mobilisation to develop a Targeted Recruitment & Training Plan that supports:

  • Local Labour
  • Assistance with government work initiatives
  • Up-skilling
  • Apprentices
  • Trainees
  • Resident training
  • Joint training
  • Work placement opportunities
  • Under-represented groups
  • Employee retention

We have won Awards from Skills Council South West and Building London Creating Futures for our skills development and are also sponsors of CIH Cymru Developing Skills and Capacity Award 2012.


Ian Williams is committed to equality and treating our customers and employees with respect, fairness and dignity. We aim to deliver equality regardless of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief. We have developed a Diversity Handbook that is used to provide our employees with information on the needs of Residents. Background and explanatory information is provided together with the details of religious and cultural days (in calendar form) which we can then avoid, when planning and undertaking our work.

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We recognise that sustainability, and sustainable development is one of the main considerations facing our sector. To enable us to meet our value, vision and mission for sustainable growth, we focus on two key areas:


  • Increase the efficiency of our resources, reduce dependence on non renewable resources, prevent pollution, optimise energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Promotion of waste hierachy to reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and take any further measures considered necessary

Waste Carrier Certificate of Registration

We are registered under the control of Pollution Act 1989 with all waste documentation being kept for a minimum of three years.

Pollution Control

At the inception of all projects, we plan how to reduce the risk of an environmental incident.

Consumption of Energy & Water and the generation of waste

Through our environmental policy, we are committed to reducing consumption of all energy and resources.

Environmental Awareness Training and Communication to Staff

Required for all employees.

Procurement and Use

It is our policy to use environmentally sustainable materials and processes wherever possible.

Segregation of Waste and Recycling

We encourage the recycling of waste from all our office premises and project sites.


  • Be a good company by taking responsibility for our action and playing our part in society
  • Systematically improve the capability of Ian Williams to provide a sustainable service to customers
  • Improve the dialogue and communication with all relevant stakeholder groups

Our Partners

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