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Responsive Repairs & Maintenance

Our national responsive repairs and maintenance team undertakes 300,000 visits a year, responding to faults in homes and workplaces, such as leaks, heating, security and window and door problems.

Our responsive solution is fully automated and supported by a management system that maintains business continuity for every client. We have invested in best-in-class technology to ensure that our service continuously improves every day. Ian Williams knows that the key deliverable for this service is a right first-time repair, meeting the specific needs of the customer and demonstrating excellent value for money.

Our response team is supported through a dedicated help desk, iwhub and managed and delivered using iwsys, our mobile asset management solution.  Click on the icons below for more information.

We have a directly employed multi-trade workforce, which when working in voids, reduces the number of operatives required on site at any time, and results in the ability to better manage key to key times and increase ownership of work, minimising defects and improving quality.

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