What a difference a day makes!

Never a truer phrase was penned than what a difference a day can make!

We recently completed a full garden clearance for two senior living tenants of City West Housing. The tenants had found their garden harder and harder to maintain and were just not able to keep on top of it to the standard that they had been used to, an aspect made even harder due to the beautiful summer weather.

Ian Williams’ operatives, Alan and Peter drove the community initiative after chatting to the pair whilst carrying out cyclical decoration work for City West Housing in the local area. The work was carried out over a full day and saw mounds of earth removed and skips filled.

Our customer has expressed their delight with our team’s willingness and generosity to help and the tenants who were over the moon with the kind gesture were able to enjoy the last few weeks of glorious sunshine in their newly cleared and tidied garden.

Well done to our Liverpool team showing just how great it is to see generations helping each other out.

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