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Ian Williams Update – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Whilst COVID-19 remains widespread across the UK and will need to be managed for some time to come we have decided to maintain our Site and Office Operating Procedures even though legal restrictions were lifted on the 19 July 2021.

Ian Williams will continue to ensure business continuity. Our focus is, as always, on ensuring the health & safety of our employees and customers and on maintaining services for our clients.

We have and will continue to communicate the latest government advice on the virus to all our employees including the precautions they should take to help prevent them from catching and spreading the virus whilst carrying out their work.

We will keep you regularly informed, particularly if there are any changes to our operating procedures. This will take place with a member of our team contacting you personally, as well as customer communication statements and updates on our website.

To support our safe working we have produced the following advice and guidance notes for our Sites and Offices. These comprehensive guides include links to the latest Government advice and Risk Assessments. Please click on the images below to download a copy.

To view all the linked documents, view the PDF in a PDF Viewer software.

Social Distancing Guidance for Sites

Social Distancing Guidance for Offices

Please note many of the images and videos shown on our website were taken pre-COVID-19. We observe all Government guidelines and have safe working procedures in place.