Adam Dring shares his apprenticeship story

Adam Dring is a third-year carpentry apprentice with Ian Williams.  Here’s his story:

“My grandad was always a hands-on man, so from a young age I was always doing DIY projects with him.  Because of that, I knew I wanted to be a carpenter. One of the biggest factors that persuaded me to do an apprenticeship was the fact that you can earn while you learn and that you are setting yourself up to hopefully get a job offer after your apprenticeship if you work hard. On a typical day we will receive a work schedule, we will read this and understand the work that needs doing. Then we will travel to site and complete the works to a high standard.  As I am now in the 3rd year of my apprenticeship, I have also been able to act as a peer mentor to new apprentices starting with the business, sharing my experiences and being on hand with advice if needed.

The main things that I enjoy about my role of being a carpenter is that not only do you know that every day you are bettering your trade skills but also you are helping other people out as you are improving their standard of living.  Doing an apprenticeship has opened up so many paths to what I can achieve after my apprenticeship – now I have trade knowledge that I can implement in all other aspects of life and have the ability to adjust my career path to maybe a contract manager or supervisor. I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship as it has set me up for life and I know it will others.”

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