Addressing the Challenge of Change Head On

The ongoing challenge of meeting the needs of an ageing population remains top of mind for landlords, local authorities, contractors and architects alike and is an issue that will be addressed head on in The Housing Forum’s 2019 National Conference in Wembley on Thursday 9th May.

Deputy Chair and Executive Director of Ian Williams, Mike Turner will be speaking at this important Conference asking how do we understand what we have in terms of accommodation as opposed to what we need? How do we interpret the needs of an ageing population, mobility and health needs? And how do we respond with health and social care services and how could this be resourced?

Ian Williams has been working in the retirement living sector for many years and we have a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector housing, so we are well placed to share our expertise. The challenges are neither new, nor a surprise, but we need to act now to avoid crisis point. There may currently be more questions than answers but through intelligent discussion and a desire to get under the skin of the statistics, we can collectively provide some realistic solutions.   

The Housing Forum’s 2019 National Conference will in its entirety explore how the housing industry has risen to the challenge of increased demand and changing expectations – where quality outcomes and partnership working achieved success. For over 20 years, The Housing Forum has been associated with a commitment to quality and innovation in the affordable housing space. The National Conference is its flagship event and we are delighted to be part of it.


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