Celebrating 100 Years With Ian Williams

It’s not often that you can say you are a true ‘family business’, but for Ian Williams Ltd there are two long serving families in our midst.  Aside from the Williams family, the original founders which still own the business today, we are delighted to be able to celebrate a combined service of 100 years from one other family – the Blanchard’s.

Between Tony, Malcolm & Richard Blanchard, they have collectively been employed by Ian Williams for 100 years and recently joined up with colleagues to celebrate this milestone.  Tony (now retired) worked for the company for 43 years; his son Malcolm, currently a Contracts Manager in Southampton, has worked for the company for 41 years; and grandson Richard, a Painter & Decorator, has been employed for 16 years.

Offering direct employment and long careers are two things Ian Williams strives for as an employer – what a fantastic example of “keeping it in the family” this is.  Thank you and congratulations to Tony, Malcolm and Richard.


Richard, Tony & Malcolm pictured above with Andy Price from Ian Williams

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