Collaborative working partnership set to continue between Shepherd’s Bush Housing Group and Ian Williams

Valued at £1.9 million, the scope of the contract includes planned maintenance including cyclical redecorations, repairs, window and roof replacements and kerb appeal works across SBHG’s bespoke Victorian and Edwardian housing stock. This latest commitment will see the relationship between the two organisations progress into its fifth year.


Paul Doe, Chief Executive Officer at SBHG comments: “We awarded the painting and repair works for SBHG leaseholders to Ian Williams back in 2013. Leaseholders are demanding because they are directly paying for the service, so we knew that if we could find a good supplier for leaseholders, we were going to have the same excellent levels of quality and service for our general needs’ properties. The last few years with Ian Williams pay testament to this approach.


“SBHG housing stock is challenging. We have some 2000 Edwardian and Victorian properties, many of which have been converted into 1 bedroom flats. Aesthetics play a really important role, not only for tenants and leaseholders, but for the overall architectural feel of our capital city too. I say to my staff here I don’t want anyone to know that any of our properties are Shepherds Bush properties, other than they are the most beautifully painted and maintained. And thanks to our partnership with Ian Williams, that’s true. I’m keen on kerb appeal. As you drive by, I want somebody to go ‘oh that’s good ‘, which means everything about the property. I believe we’ve achieved exactly this by expanding the scope and specification of the works with Ian Williams.”


Ian Williams’ Development Director, Mike Turner comments: “Naturally our relationship with SBHG has evolved over time, but the core strength of our collaborative working lies firmly with creating a good team and a group who are happy to work well together and deliver a great service. Over time we’ve got to know the customers, we know who lives

where because we’ve worked on that street, we’ve got to know people, understand the community and people have got to know us. This holistic approach pays dividends in many ways, including higher levels of tenant and leaseholder satisfaction, the ability to assess and monitor SBHG stock condition on an ongoing basis, to implement proactive and cost effective preventative maintenance strategies and ultimately, to work smarter. We look forward the next phase of our evolving partnership with SBHG.”

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