‘Dream Team’ Lita Mitchell and Angie Smith celebrate their new appointment at Ian Williams

We are delighted to welcome Lita and Angie as the latest members to join our  Liverpool painting and decorating team.

Lita and Angie are currently carrying out cyclical painting and decorating work on our customer Riverside Housing’s stock.

Both ladies have a wealth of painting and decorating experience having worked together as a team for over 20 years.

Lita explained: “Angie was a painter and decorator when I met her over 20 years ago and it was her father who encouraged me to become one as well. Once I’d completed my course we became an all-female painting team and have worked together ever since.  Being female has often helped in the past particularly when working in older resident’s properties.”

Business Manager Kenny Rushton commented: “It’s really great to have Lita and Angie on board. They are ambassadors for the painting profession and will certainly help us promote the importance of attracting more females into the industry. We are due to work in some senior living accommodation very soon and they will be an asset to us when carrying out this work, given their wealth of experience gained over the last 20 years in the sector.”

Welcome to team Ian Williams ladies.

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