Ian Williams Ltd Wins Johnstone’s Trade Paints Painter of the Year Awards 2024

We are proud to announce that our outstanding work at Devonport Dockyard has been recognised with the Commercial & Industrial Johnstone’s Trade Paints Painter of the year award at the 40th anniversary awards event. Philip Jones, Painting Operations Director, and Mark Rawlins, Plymouth Business Manager, accepted the award on behalf of the company, marking a significant achievement in the industry.

Project Highlights:

We were commissioned for extensive external works at the Devonport Dockyard, including the thorough preparation, cleaning, and redecoration of the iconic 152-foot chimney. This vital structure plays a crucial role in maintaining the operational efficiency of HMNB Devonport, the largest naval base in Western Europe, by facilitating the venting of steam used in dockyard operations. They utilise specialised products tailored for different sections of the 152-foot structure, such as Duraprep 88 for cleaning and PPG Hi Temp and Sigmacover 435 for painting, ensuring durability and longevity in the maritime environment.

Collaboration was key to the project’s success. We partnered with Jem Scaffolding, leveraging their expertise to provide safe and efficient access to the chimney. This collaborative effort highlighted us in commitment to delivering high-quality results while prioritising safety.

The project faced unique challenges to working at such heights and in a maritime environment. Adverse weather conditions, including high winds common near coastal areas, involves constant monitoring and adaptation of work schedules to ensure the safety of the crew and the integrity of the project. The team’s proactive approach included the installation of an Anemometer to monitor wind speeds, work would be put on pause if the winds exceeded 20mph. The implementation of a temporary power supply to support equipment, demonstrating their dedication to overcoming challenges through new solutions.

Safety remained paramount throughout the project. Ian Williams implemented strict safety protocols, including the establishment of extended safe zones to protect the team and properties below the work area. Despite logistical limitations and initial concerns from stakeholders about space usage, Ian Williams maintained their commitment to safety standards, ensuring a secure working environment for all involved.

Philip Jones, Painting Operations Director, commented: “Receiving this prestigious award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. We are honoured to contribute to the maintenance of such a critical facility.”

Mark Rawlins, Plymouth Business Manager, added: “Winning this award reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional results. It motivates us to continue innovating and providing the highest standards of service to our clients.

We continue to set benchmarks in commercial and industrial painting services, offering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Their reputation for reliability, innovation, and safety highlights their position as a leader in the industry. Ian Williams is a renowned provider of painting, decorating, and maintenance services across commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. With a rich history of delivering high-quality projects, Ian Williams combines technical expertise with a commitment to sustainability and safety.

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