Ian Williams Puts Residents First in Parbrook Court

A complex new re-roofing project, undertaken by Ian Williams subsidiary Chamberlain Building Contractors, has been nominated for two separate 2017 construction awards: the Master Builders Awards and the National Federation of Roofing Contractors Awards.

Managed by Bristol City Council, Parbrook Court provides sheltered accommodation for vulnerable residents, in the form of 20 self-contained flats plus communal facilities and garden. The key challenge in the project was to reroof the facility in a single project, without displacing or inconveniencing those residents. The challenge was heightened due to the unusual design of the building, where tiling extended down from the roof to the base of the first floor.

To accomplish this Ian Williams proposed a solution centred upon a temporary Haki roof structure, which would allow the old roof – including asbestos, tiles and lead work – to be removed, the new roof installed, and windows to be replaced at the same time. A highly complex scaffold system was also designed to provide necessary access while ensuring the health and safety of staff and residents.

A project this complex requires tight project management and coordination of all parties, including contractors, specialist sub-contractors, suppliers and clients. At the same time, residents were kept fully involved and informed, through residents’ meetings and a direct-employed on-site officer tasked with liaising with residents and monitoring their wellbeing throughout the project.

The result was a complex project delivered on time and within budget, and a client delighted with the finished roof.

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