Ian Williams Secures new contract with Longhurst Group to deliver repairs and voids

Ian Williams Ltd, one of the UK’s largest independently-owned property services companies, has been appointed by the Longfield Group to provide repairs and voids to the leading housing organisation’s homes. One of the largest housing groups in the Midlands and East of England, Longhurst Group owns and manages over 23,500 homes and delivers a wide range of care and support services. Ian Williams has been appointed along with two other contractors and will take responsibility for looking after Longhurst homes in its West region for the next five years.

Commenting on this exciting appointment, Anthony Pycraft, Ian Williams Response Operations Director, says: “We are delighted to have been awarded the repairs and voids contract with Longhurst Group, as part of their Improving Lives 2025 strategy, which is aimed at delivering homes and services with real social value. We have extensive experience in these types of works, giving Longhurst Group the confidence in our ability to deliver. Our combination of direct delivery, proven track record and management capabilities are key to our success. “Longhurst Group has a clear set of visions and values that are aligned to our own, so we are pleased and excited to be part of the long-term plan, working collaboratively to make a positive difference to people’s lives, homes and communities.”

Sharon Guest, Executive Director of Housing Services, said: “We’re pleased to have appointed the new contractors to deliver our repairs and voids service from July. As an organisation, we recognised that we needed to reshape the way the repairs service is delivered to our customers in the longer term.

“We’ve listened to our customers, taken on board their feedback and put in a significant amount of work into identifying new contractors that share our vision and will help us to deliver the level of service that our customers and communities deserve.”

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