Looking after the NHS

Although a lot of the work we carry out is in housing, we also have great relationships with customers such as NHS looking after hospitals, clinics and accommodation. We were delighted to receive this feedback from NHS Property Services Ltd recently. 
“Ian Williams has completed a large volume of projects for NHSPS, with many projects completed over a large number of sites simultaneously. As a client, NHSPS can be very demanding of its contractors. Our buildings are always heavily occupied and extremely busy, with no downtime to allow works to happen unhindered by the daily routines. The Ian Williams team has listened to every requirement of each individual site, and delivered an exceptional service on every project. Some have been delivered within some very tight timescales, site demands have been accommodated throughout, and they have a reputation on all our sites where the local staff feel at ease knowing they will be the contractor to deliver the works.
“The end product has been to a high standard every time, and they will continue to complete work for NHSPS in future years.”

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