NHMF Apprentice of The Year 2024: Chloe Larcombe

Whilst we were delighted that Chloe Larcombe won the NHMF Apprentice of the Year Award last week, we have to say that those who know her weren’t surprised! It is such a well-deserved accolade. Chloe is an extremely likeable, dedicated, and hardworking apprentice surveyor who has made a very positive impression on her colleagues here and at our client, East Devon District Council.

Arron Kelly, Business Manager of Chloe’s team comments: “Chloe’s tenacious approach to work and drive for success is greatly admired by her peers. Chloe has successfully taken on response, voids, and compliance contracts. She is incredibly flexible in her skills and never says no to a challenge, progressing quickly to master all types of work she is given. She believes that everyone she meets in her day-to-day activities has knowledge and experience that she can learn from, making her an extremely well-rounded apprentice.

“The trust that Chloe’s team have in her is praiseworthy; it is not often that an apprentice can take on some of the responsibilities of a Contracts Manager, but Chloe never ceases to amaze her team. She has put together void packs, completed void surveys independently, and has been a rigorous ambassador of Health & Safety excellence on site. She has even found new and improved ways of working by setting new standards for her colleagues undertaking void pre inspection surveys. She is also soon to take a leading role in one of our biggest planned works contracts, which is strong evidence of her competency. She manages this vast workload with a high degree of independence and is unphased by it, remaining calm and collected at all times.

“Chloe has also taken a new female apprentice surveyor under her wing, helping guide, mentor and support her, on the job and with college work. Chloe has given her encouragement and increased her confidence in dealing with the huge quantity of college work. Chloe’s achievements are paving the way for other female apprentices at Ian Williams, inspiring them to achieve their own success in construction. We couldn’t be more proud.”

And as for the future? Chloe has big aspirations and is keen to prove herself as a skilled surveyor, not just in her Exmouth team, but across Ian Williams as a whole. She sees herself one day becoming a Contracts Manager, a role which would come naturally to her, having taken on some of those responsibilities in her contracts. She has commented that her main goal on projects is to ‘give the client the best price, using the best materials, up to our best standard but within their budget.’ A brilliant statement summing up just how committed she is to Ian Williams, her clients, her apprenticeship, and her future.

Well done, Chloe.

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