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Trainee Surveyor Sohail Zaffar explains why his apprenticeship is a perfect career building block

What attracted you to the role of a Trainee Surveyor?

From a young age I have always had an interest in the construction industry. The role of a trainee surveyor was perfect for me to grasp with both hands: learning on the job and gaining experience at the same time was the ideal building block. I don’t think experience can be taught in a classroom, so I opted for the trainee role. Surveying is a unique and diverse career to go into and not many people know the importance our role has in the construction industry. So for me to be a part of a team at Ian Williams who understand the role we play was imperative for my decision.

What are the benefits of learning via the apprentice route?

There are many benefits from learning via the apprenticeship route as you get a chance to study and get hands-on exposure to live works. Hands-on training gives you a real chance to put your skills into practice and helps you to gain more confidence in a working environment. Also, I feel an apprenticeship helps your progression massively, as from gaining your qualification and having the experience, you’re then in a chance to work up the ladder and reach your goals. From my experience so far while being on the structured Ian Williams training programme, I can see they have my best interest at heart for progression and ensuring I’m learning as I go on.

What do you love most about your job?

From my time at Ian Williams I can honestly say I enjoy my job, working with my team, open office environment to engage with other units, team morale, surroundings and meeting new people. I have had the chance to develop my skills and to liaise with clients, other businesses, residents, operatives and even the Director of the company is always at reach if you need a chat. However, what I love most, is the fact I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job. I work full-time both in and out-of-office, and my manager trusts me to produce high-quality work and results. I work hard to maintain that level of trust, which keeps me engaged and excited but at the same time, I love that my job enables me to grow and develop my skills to becoming a successful Surveyor with the help of my team.

Tell me two things you’ve learnt since the start of your apprenticeship

1. I have learned while working as a surveyor, never to assume, always go into depth and investigate further to get the answers needed in black and white to minimise any risk.
2. On site knowledge.

Where do you want your career to take you?

I am still at an early stage in my career so for me the most important aspect would be taking each objective step by step. I will ensure I stay focused and finish off my qualification this year to then progress to completing my Ian Williams programme to becoming a fully-fledged surveyor. I hope this will be all achieved with hard work and dedication. I would love to one day take on my own team, be successful and help repay Ian Williams for the time and effort they have put into my development.

Keep an eye on our website as our apprenticeship vacancies go live on 9th March and trainee surveyor vacancies on 30th March 2020.