We Are IanWilliams

In today’s post, we talk to Dannish Javed, the Ian Williams’ Hub Planner about diversity in the workplace and the great care and respect we show as an employer #WeAreIanWilliams
1.     How do you feel Ian Williams supports diversity in the workplace? Are there any specific examples relating to you personally?
As a Muslim, prayer is an integral part of our faith with 5 set daily prayers. Ian Williams are supportive of this and have provided private, prayer facilities on site. A separate prayer room for people of all faiths is available to use. Management have also offered a later start time to allow Eid prayer, which has shown Ian Williams’ willingness and respect for religious occasions.
2.     What facilities are there within your workplace to support this?
Ian Williams has multiple washing facilities on site, which allow purification before prayer to be made, along with a dedicated prayer room for supplication.
3.     What would you say to anyone considering a career with Ian Williams?
I would encourage people, regardless of the above, to work for Ian Williams. Taking into account the business’ commitment to diversity, I would say Ian Williams is an employer who respect its employees and any religious obligations which come into hand, with facilities on site to adhere to this. 

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