Day of the Girl

We were proud to be part of our valued customers Pobl Group and Bron Afon’s ‘Day of the Girl’ event held at the Riverfront Theatre in Newport.

Day of the Girl is an occasion celebrated internationally to raise awareness of the hindrances that girls worldwide face and to reinforce their achievements.

The event focuses on raising awareness of work opportunities that have traditionally been male dominated. We were delighted to meet and talk with pupils from Cwmbran High School from years 9-11 who are thinking about their future career paths. The aim of the event was to raise awareness of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics careers for girls including construction careers that have been traditionally deemed as a male dominated area of study and work environments. Ian Williams are working to increase the number of girls and women in employment, business projects and study programs. We want to empower and promote the growth of women in STEM careers including construction. The speakers at the event were engaging and truly reflected the diversity of STEM careers that are available to girls.

Pictured speaking is Lisa Marie Brown, Economy and Enterprise lead for Pobl Group by day and designer and driver of the UK’s first pink Ferrari and it’s one of several pink supercars she drives.

Lisa said: “It’s really important to inspire young women because there are only 2% of female directors in Wales, 3% of women working in manual trades, and only 5% of women working in engineering.

“It’s really important we change the perception of industry and a 50/50 gender split in construction and business. It’s good for the economy and it’s good for the community as well.”

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