Ian Williams is committed to protecting our environment and preserving the planet and its resources for future generations. We know that to reach national net zero targets by 2050 we must decarbonise a significant proportion of the built environment, including over 2.7million homes.

We have all the skills, experience and accreditations to deliver against these retrofit targets with a comprehensive range of services, from fabric improvements to installing clean heat technology. We are increasing our investment, at a strategic level, in training and our supply chain to ensure we can support every customer today and in the future to meet the challenge that lies ahead and ensuring the long term health and wellbeing of residents in their homes. Our teams are experienced in offering cost effective solutions. Supported by PAS2030 accreditation.

Case Studies

Using SHDF Wave 1 Funding, we carried out energy efficiency works on occupied council-owned homes. This included cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, windows, doors, high heat storage heaters, air source heat pumps, ventilation upgrades, and solar PV installations. 82% of the programme achieved an EPC A rating, 14% a B rating and 4% a C rating.

East Devon District Council

We are delivering works under the HUG1 and LAD3 funding streams, as part of DCCs Sustainable Warmth Programme. This includes cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, roof and underroof insulation, windows and doors, mechanical ventilation upgrades, high retention storage heaters, waste water recovery and solar PV installations.

Devon County Council

We delivered LiveWest’s SHDF Wave 1 Funding to 72 properties, including enabling works, cavity wall extraction/insulation, loft insulation, decentralised mechanical extraction ventilation, windows and doors, high heat retention storage heaters and solar PV installation.


We are a Decarbonisation Delivery Framework provider, supporting five housing providers across the country to meet the government’s target of achieving EPC band C or higher for all homes by 2030.

Greener Futures Partnership (Pretium)

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