An Age Old Issue

Meeting the needs of the UK’s ageing population was  the theme of our Harrogate Event this year. With speakers from the Housing Forum, EROSH and Ian Williams, those attending had the chance to hear about best practice when working with older people, and find out more about the changing needs of this important aspect of the housing sector.


According to the ONS, by 2033 the population of over 65s will have increased by 32%, and if current trends continue, the average person reaching 65 in 2033 can expect to live until they are 88. From new types of contracts, to providing material in different formats and working well with hub and spoke teams, the Future Living for an Ageing Generation session was successful in provoking discussion on how best the needs of this growing older population can be met.


The event, which saw us join with the Housing Forum for a fifth consecutive year, included a look at how the UK’s population is changing, the expectations of this client group, links between health and mobility and the impace this may have on the future provisiou and the need for a wider choice of housing options. It drew upon our experiences working with specialist providers including Anchor, Housing 21 and Hanover.


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