Royce Court gives a huge thanks to Manchester Teams

A brilliant endorsement of our local Manchester teams from a scheme manager at client Onward Homes

“I wanted to get in touch regarding your decorators and Ian Williams in general. Firstly, both Peter and Neil have been brilliant with the tenants at Royce Court . Their customer skills and approach with tenants is 1st Class .

“One of your decorators bought a replacement CD player for the lounge. Having discovered it was broken, the next day he came in with one almost identical to the existing one because he wanted it to be something that the tenants were used to using so it would be easier for them. The same decorator’s wife works in a dry cleaners and Peter took the curtain in the reception area to be cleaned , with no cost to Royce Court and the tenants.

“The decorators have also helped the tenant with colour scheme advice and on several occasions tried to mix samples for them . They’ve been friendly and built-up fantastic relationships leading to comments from our tenants like: ‘They are so hard working; they could not do enough for you; they are friendly and approachable.

“It’s fair to say we have 32 happy customers at Royce Court. Thank you!”

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