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Recruiting & retaining talented people is vital to the future success of Ian Williams and the construction industry. Our Academy manages Ian Williams’ significant investment in its people so they can succeed in their roles, prepare for future roles & enjoy high quality creative training. It attracts new people through its Apprenticeship & Trainee Surveyor programmes. 

The Ian Williams Academy was set up in 2016 to manage Ian Williams’ significant investment in its people so they can succeed in their roles, prepare for future careers and enjoy high quality, creative training. With a culture ingrained in a commitment to direct delivery, Ian Williams has always recognised that recruitment and development of talent is fundamental to its future success. Through our Apprenticeship and Trainee Surveyor schemes, the Academy represents a sustainable commitment to attracting, developing and retaining the best talent, and building a robust talent pool.

Since its inception, the Ian Williams Academy have had many triumphs and we celebrate these in this special edition 5 year report:

Currently, we’re rolling out a new Contract Management Development Programme & Teamworking training so Ian Williams has the knowledge, skills & behaviours it needs to successfully achieve its goals.

The Ian Williams Academy Class of 2021

Types of Training Offered

Level 2 and 3 Apprenticeship Schemes

Trainee Surveyor Programme

Issues-focused training for employees, supporting the sensitive markets in which we work.

Ian Williams has also worked alongside organisations to produce literature that is widely used in training throughout the industry. The Sensitive Contractors Guide, written and produced in partnership with erosh, is just one example


Trainee Surveyor