Breathing new life into the Cellar Club: the UK’s first breathable bar

The Cellar club in Leamington Spa opened its doors in 2018 and has gone from strength to strength, establishing itself as one of the go-to independent eateries in town.

Popular by both day and night, the Ian Williams team was required to schedule work around the club’s busiest trading hours as it was critical to maintain customer footfall.

The club’s objective for the refurbishment and painting makeover was to achieve a feel-good factor and as it’s located below ground, the clever use of colour combined with complementary lighting was critical. 

The Airlite paint specification was also significant in differentiating the club’s ethos. One of the many benefits of Airlite is that due to its oxidising action, odour molecules are broken down which reduce harmful compounds and delivers fresher and more pleasant air to the environment.  The product is mineral and is completely free of glues, solvents and other chemical compounds (VOCs) – and because it is completely odourless, it meant that the club could be used as soon as the paint was dry.

The Cellar Cub can now boast that it is the UK’s first breathable bar, with eco paint that cleans the air and removes bacteria.

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