Celebrating future talent

2020 may not have given us much to celebrate so far, but as a business, we believe that where there is positive news, we need to celebrate it. That’s why we wanted to speak to our Academy Manager Sian Pearce about the great work she’s been doing with her team over the last 6 months, implementing our 2020 Apprentice and Trainee Surveyor recruitment drive against the backdrop of COVID-19, while supporting our new 2020 joiners to hit the ground running.
Sian Pearce: “The memory of 2020 will live with us for many years as it has bought about so much change to the Ian Williams Academy, especially in how we recruit painting, carpenter and electrician apprentices. As per usual this year, we started our recruitment process in March during National Apprenticeship Week. Then later that same month, lockdown hit and we were forced into hibernation to maintain the sustainability of the business going forward.

“Our Academy Officers returned from furlough in mid-July with the aim of enabling 20 apprentices to start in September. An incredibly tall order! But we have done it including the recruitment of one apprentice made redundant from her former employer. Yes, it has meant turning the way we did things on its head, but our new process has improved what we had before with virtual interviews and testing which is incredibly good news. We are also receiving terrific feedback about the apprentices we have taken on this year. Well done to all those involved.”

Ian Williams also supported CITB with their Construction Careers Day Initiative during this time. Read the news and watch the video to find out more

Meet the Class of 2020

Celebrating success
A number of Apprentices have also completed their training and become full time members of the Ian Williams team.
Nathan Fulwell
George Dearn
Ian Williams is proud to support those apprentices working towards becoming the next generation of our team and part of the future of the construction industry.  Click here find out more about the Ian Williams Academy

Ian Williams continues to work safely. Click here to view our safe working practices
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